About Us

The forces have aligned to make our mission possible. With over 40+ years of combined experience, our team is set to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Who you’re dealing with!

Eric Irwin Founder & CEO

The innovator of the group. Eric started Speculr. with the intent to remove learning barriers from the workplace. Eric has over 10 years of experience in functional safety master’s level education in Occupational Health, Safety and Security.

Brian Dunican Co-Founder – COO

He goes by Dunican. The wise one of the group. With a PHD in Leadership and over 25 years of experience, Dunican has helped companies around the globe. He is an advocate for education and learning

Craig Gipe Co-Founder – CCO

AKA Safety Craig. The nerd of the group. With a CSP and 20+ years of experience in safety consulting, Safety Craig has helped hundreds of companies become compliant. He has trained thousands of safety professionals across the nation.

Anthony Goddard Co-Founder – CTO

With over 15 years of IT knowledge and experience. And nearly a decade of web development background, Anthony brings business and web technology together. Having worked with Forbes.com, USA Today, US News and many other companies for web projects Anthony definitely understands technology. 

Tiffiny Grooms Co-Founder – CXO

With a background in criminal justice and education, Tiffiny brings a unique understanding of safety and security to the team.