Safety Reimagined

Speculr helps create a safer workplace. Period.

We are a knowledge and information company, primarily focused on risk management and workplace safety. Utilizing the most advanced technology, we bring your insight and knowledge to your workforce and anyone involved.

We make the workplace safer. Period.

What we do.

We remove barriers. We provide transparency and spark curiosity. We bring information and insight to key plays through a flawless reality.

Why we do it.

We believe in a world of transparency, integrity, and curiosity. We see the world as a canvas for learning and development, where we all have exactly what we need to be successful.

How we do it.

Easy-to-use technology. Complete involvement with our team and yours. Whether you are onsite, at a work station or the opposite side of the world, Speculr provides a platform for learning far beyond current methods.


of information transmitted to the brain is visual
Visuals are processed
faster in the brain than text.
Visuals have been found to improve learning by up to


  • VR for Safety Training
  • 3D imaging in the real environment
  • Consulting – Powered by Safety Craig
  • Safety Training
  • Virtual Safety Programs.


  • Our portal. A safe, secure way to communicate information between Speculr. and our customers.
  • First Aid, CPR certifications
  • Written Programs
  • LOTO training
  • Electrical Safety Training